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Amazon is giving you a chance to earn money! Can earn Rs 60000-70000 in just 4 hours

    At Amazon, you can also do a full-time job as well as a part-time job. With Amazon, students can also earn part time money. And can afford it.

    By connecting with Amazon, the world’s largest online shopping company, any person can earn more money in less time. This is a good option for the unemployed. At Amazon, you can also do a full-time job as well as a part time job. With Amazon, students can also earn part-time money. And can afford it. Interested delivery partners can choose their schedule and deliver packages by signing up. Earn huge money by becoming an Amazon delivery boy. Let’s know about it …

    become an Amazon delivery boy earning a lot
    Amazon delivers from 7 am to 8 pm. Amazon’s delivery buoy delivers millions of packages across the country every day. A delivery boy has to deliver around 100 to 150 packages in a day. The package is delivered in an area of ​​about 10–15 km from the Amazon Center. Amazon delivery boys say that they deliver 100-150 packages in about 4 hours a day.

    These documents are required

    If you are a school or college pass then it is mandatory to have a passing certificate. You must also have your bike or scooter for delivery. Also, insurance for bikes or scooters should be a registration certificate.

    this way, it will not be active even after retirement, this is how you can
    deal with the money in this way, you can register to apply for the delivery boy job on Amazon through your email ID. If you want to do a delivery boy job, you can apply directly on Amazon’s site Apart from this, one can apply for the job by visiting any center on Amazon

    In this way, you can earn thousands,
    so Amazon delivery boy gets a salary every month. But the cost of petrol is yours. One product or package gets 15 to 20 rupees. If a person delivers 100 packages daily, then he can easily earn 60000-70000 rupees a month for the whole month.

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