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Completely Free Cloud hosting

7 Completely Free Cloud Hosting in 2020

    Cloud hosting is the next generation hosting where you get much faster and advanced recourses. Many companies claim that they offer free Cloud hosting but most of them not worth using. They trick the customer with limited resources and some of them are not really a cloud hosting.

    Install PUBG game in India after ban

    The legal way to play PUBG in India

      Wondering how to play PUBG legally after the ban of the chines app in India? Don’t worry even I am a big fan of this game! I am still playing this game from my Laptop.

      Speedup Windows 10

      Speed Up Windows 10 with 10 Easy Ways (2020)

        If you started losing the performance of your new windows 10 PC, there are few easy ways to Speed it up. You don’t have to upgrade the expensive hardware or an SSD for your PC. You just need to follow a few easy ways to improve your performance.

        Deep learning tool kits

        Top 10 Toolkits For Deep Learning In 2020

          Organizations are excited by the expression “large information” as there is an incentive in gathering information around business forms. Various organizations particularly those engaged with the information business, for instance, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and more need a framework that can help them gather information as well as improve forecasts to expand their benefits.