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How to find Instagram story Drafts

    This post will show you How to find Instagram story Drafts or how to access, edit, save and delete story drafts on Instagram.

    Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites where you can share pictures and connect with people. Instagram users share a lot of pictures with different filters and they add comments on pictures of other users.

    The story is a feature that was introduced on Instagram in the middle of 2016. It is a feature that has been well received by users and in general, it has encouraged users to use the application more.

    For those of you who are looking for a way to find Instagram story drafts then you have come to the right place.

    This blog post is designed to help guide you through how to find Instagram story drafts when they are no longer available on the story page.

    How to add stories to the drafts?

    You can draft your story if you haven’t added it to your stories yet, but if you have already added it and are trying to draft it, there is no way you can draft it. There is the only way which is to delete it.

    Now to draft the story, just follow our guided steps one by one. Open the Instagram app on your phone first. 

    • Make sure your Instagram account is already logged in. Please login first if you haven’t already. 
    • Now, tap or swipe to the right on your story’s handle in the upper left corner.
    • Swipe up the screen or hit the square picture icon to select an image or video.
    • After selecting an image or video, edit it with a variety of tools, including filters, stickers, and text. 
    • In the top-left corner of the screen, press the x button to continue. 
    • After that, a confirmation window will appear. just click save draft. 

    How to Find story drafts on Instagram 2022

    Now to find draft stories on Instagram, simply make sure that you have logged in to your account on Instagram to which you saved your draft story. 

    In addition, stories that are still in the draft stage have no time restrictions. They will stay there as drafts until you decide to delete them. 

    • Now open up the Instagram mobile app and go to the stories section in the upper left corner of the screen. 
    How to find Instagram story Drafts
    • Go to the ‘Gallery’ section in the lower left corner of the screen (you can see some of your gallery photos as the icon) and simply click on it.
    How to find story drafts on Instagram
    • You’ll land at the gallery section, Now you can see a ‘Draft’ option just next to the ‘Gallery’ option at the slightly upper left corner of the screen. Just tap on the draft option.
    • Now you can see all of your drafted stories here and can be added to your accounts from there directly. 

    Also if the draft option is not there, then this means there are no draft stories of yours on Instagram or you have already deleted them. 

    How to edit a story in the draft

    Editing the story in the draft will be a simple task for you if you read all the above steps carefully. So there is nothing to do in this, just follow the above steps until you find your draft stories.

    Now click on the story you want to edit and you’ll land into the story editor of Instagram the same as you add fresh stories to your Instagram. All the editing tools will be there to edit your story you can use them. 

    If you have that video or image in your gallery too then, you can edit it using third-party editors.

    How to delete Instagram story drafts

    To delete Instagram story drafts just follow the steps and you’ll be able to delete your story drafts on Instagram. This can be easy for you if you read the above steps where you find your Instagram story but if you haven’t then follow the guided steps. 

    1. Open your Instagram mobile app of yours by making sure that you have logged in to the same account in which you save the story drafts 

    2. Open the story section by just swiping left on the screen and you’ll land on the story section. 

    3. Tap on the ‘Gallery’ icon from where you select your images for adding to your story. 4. On the top left corner, there will be a draft option just next t the gallery option. Tap on it. 5. After getting into the drafts you can see all your drafted stories. 

    6. Long press on the story you want to delete and you’ll see the delete option displayed at the bottom of the screen. Then tap on it to delete that story draft.

    Last words

    We hope you like our today article about How to find Instagram story Drafts. This post also covers how to edit, save and delete your Instagram story drafts.

    It doesn’t matter if you are looking for your own stories or someone else’s, the steps are the same. Now you can go through your story drafts and finally post them to your Instagram story feed.

    Thank you for reading; it makes us happy to know that one of our posts has helped you learn something about this subject.


    How to find drafts on the Instagram story?

    Here are the steps to find story drafts on Instagram-
     Go to the Home tab in the Instagram app, 
    – select “Your Story” in the top-left corner. 
    – In the “Add to story” screen, select “Drafts” by tapping the thumbnail of the camera.
    – Now You can view all the Instagram stories

    How to access drafts on Instagram 2022?

    To access drafts on Instagram, you first need to open your Instagram.
    Tap your story handle or swipe right 
    Next, swipe the screen upward
    On the right side of Gallery, tap the Drafts menu

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