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How to fix Roku Frozen issues

    This blog explains 5 ways to fix Roku Frozen or Ruko tv keeps freezing issues. There could be several reasons why your Ruko TV is frozen.

    The Roku, a streaming device that is one of the best in the market, is a handy device that allows you to access hundreds of channels and content. At times you might see the Roku freezing.

    The Roku is an awesome device. You can use it to watch and play whatever you want to watch, whenever you want to watch.

    Since Roku is an internet-based device that uses wifi or Ethernet, it is prone to freeze or lag at times. If you are facing an issue with your Roku device freezing, here are some fixes to the problem.

    Here are the 5 ways to fix Roku’s frozen issues

    These 5 are not guaranteed ways to fix this issue, But these are the most used and successful solutions people use when facing these types of issues. Roku has the problem of freezing from the starting days but people also appreciate its performance.

    So if you are also facing these issues then follow our steps one by one and it might help you to unfreeze your Roku. 

    1. Check the Internet Connection

    Checking your internet connection is the logical step that you should take at the very first when this problem begins. Internet instability can be the reason for this problem. Most of the time, Internet-related issues arise from this type of problem.

    It might be an issue with your internet connection that your internet connection could not manage to give the exact quality video that you have set up in the settings. Roku has specific data requirements for the different quality plays. 

    1.5 Mbps Recommended SD Quality
    3.0 Mbps HD Quality

    So check your internet speed to that it has the respective data speed which can match your playing quality or decrease the video quality according to the internet speed. This will help you if the problem arises due to internet instability.

    If this problem arises again just after changing the video quality settings then it’s sure that this is due to the internet instability. If it still cannot manage to play the high quality then you should contact your internet service provider. 

    To change the video quality on Roku tv, follow our steps: 

    ● As if you are on the home screen then, scroll down to the settings and tap on it.

    ● Scroll down to the ‘Display Type’ and tap on it. 

    ● Now select the display type you want to set up on your Roku TV. But we suggest you pick 1080p if your internet speed fluctuates between 1.5 to 3.0 Mbps. 

    2. Check all cable connections

    This should also be your priority to check your cable connections. Some cases in Roku TV stopped working or got frozen to the loose connection of the HDMI cable. So please go and check the HDMI cable, if it’s loose then tighten it and your problem will be solved. 

    If you’re still facing the problem then, It’ll be good to unplug your Roku and wait for 3-5 mins and let it cool. Because heating can be a reason for this or we can say overheating. Playing Roku TV for so long can cause some problems, so unplugging it for some time can be a smart step. 

    Remove headphones from the remote of the Roku TV, if they are inserted into it because that will make an extra burden on the Roku if it is already freezing.

    3. Update your Roku TV

    This is the third method that you can try to fix your Roku Frozen issues.

    Not updating the Roku TV for a very long time will arise these types of problems, The reason behind this is you are not up to date with the system. Companies always bring security updates and sometimes they also bring some important updates including new features.

    Updates are for better optimization of the system and provide a seamless experience but not updating the system means you did not install all the new optimizations and still working on the old ones which somewhere lacks a great experience. 

    If there is no update shown in the settings then, restart your Roku TV and again check for the updates. If it’s still not showing then it might be a chance that your Roku TV is on automatic updates. If it is then, your Roku TV is up to date. 

    4. Reset Your Roku TV using the remote 

    This we can say is the only guaranteed solution for this. Resetting your Roku TV will make your Roku tv as the new one but you will lose your data from it.

    There is no option to recover the data. If you are okay with that data loss then you can factory reset your Roku TV now, just follow our guided steps to factory reset your Roku TV using the remote. 

    ● Go to the Home screen of your Roku TV. 

    ● Now scroll down to the settings option and tap on it. 

    ● Go to the ‘system’ option. 

    ● Now select the advanced system settings. 

    ● Select the factory reset option. 

    ● Enter the code that is being shown. 

    If your problem is solved even after following those steps then there will be nothing to do until the new update came.

    There are also some chances it suddenly starts working after some time after the proper cool down. Now, here is the last method that you can try to fix your Roku frozen issues in seconds.

    5. Contact Customer Service

    If any of the above methods are not working for you, You can contact Ruko customer support online. Just search Roku support on google and you will find it. You can also post your issues in the Roku community.

    This is the last method that you can try to fix Roku Freezing issues.

    Last words

    We hope you enjoyed this article about the 5 ways to fix Roku’s frozen issues. Roku is a streaming device that is capable of streaming thousands of channels and casting from your phone or other devices.

    With the many frozen issues that can occur, it can be daunting. We hope this article has helped you find the best way to get your Roku up and running, so you can enjoy it again.

    If you have any other questions or concerns about Roku frozen issues, please contact us anytime. Thank you again for reading, we hope you come back again soon!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to restart Roku when frozen?

    Here are the steps to restart Ruko when frozen –
    -On your Roku remote, press the Home button.
    -Scroll down and click Settings.
    -Choose System.
    -Choose Power. Skip to the next step if you don’t see a Power submenu.
    -Choose System restart.

    Why is Netflix frozen on my Roku tv?

     If you are also facing an issue of frozen Netflix on your Ruko tv, Follow the given steps to restart your tv-
    Restart via Settings > System > System restart

    How to fix Ruko keeps freezing?

    If your Ruko also keeps freezing, you can try the below methods to solve your issue-
    Check for updates
    Reset your Ruko
    Restart your Ruko

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