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The legal way to play PUBG in India

    Wondering how to play PUBG legally after the ban of the chines app in India? Don’t worry even I am a big fan of this game! I am still playing this game from my Laptop.

    I thought I should share the process and requirements to play PUBG with peace of mind because China has nothing to do with the PC version of the PUBG game. It is owned by PUBG Corporation (South Korea).

    Without talking a lot lets come to the point with a million-dollar questions: Is this Free? No!

    You have to buy this One time for ?999 from Steam online game platform Here.

    You Can Check this Video Guide on How to install and play PUBG on your PC.

    Also, you can continue reading here for the same installation process!

    Before going for this game you must go through the PC specification you must have. To run this 30 GB fat boy you must have a 5th generation system to handle its graphics and Assets.

    The minimum requirement for this game to run is i5 with AMD processor along with 8 GB RAM and a GTX 960/ R7 370 3 GB graphic card.

    But, I personally believe for the best experience and a smooth run of this game you must have a gaming PC of Ryzen 5 series processor along with 16GB RAM & GTX 1060 3GB graphics card.

    Of course, it is difficult for a mobile user to upgrade for this kind of high-end gaming PC which will cost somewhere around 100k.

    But if you are planning to buy one or you already have then you must check the steps installing PUBG PC. You can start playing after a few easy steps.

    1. Get Steam Free for PC

    Go to Steam official website for downloading the gaming platform for your PC. Click on the Install Steam button at top of the website. You will be landing on a page with the download links for both Windows and Mac OS.

    Live player on steam platform.

    2. Login/Signup

    After download the application install it and open. Click on sign up and enter your email id twice to proceed for the next step.

    Asking email ID for steam account.

    Verify your email ID on real time mode.

    Real time Verify email id while registering for steam account.

    Choose your username and set the password on complete the signup process.

    Setting user name and password while signing up for steam account.

    3. Find for PUBG Game

    Go to the store in the application and search for PUBG, click on the 1st result named PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND.

    Search result for PUBG game in India.

    4. Make the Payment

    Add PUBG game to your cart.

    Adding PUBG to cart for buying it.

    Make payment with the various available payment options.

    List of payment option available at Steam platform.

    5. Install & Have Fun

    After making the payment you will get a download link for the app. Install the app and enjoy your favorite PUBG game on PC.

    If you find any difficulty installing PUBG PC, tell about it in the comments! You can also click here to check Top 4 PUBG alternatives available for mobile in India.

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