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How to Post a Reel on Facebook

    Today we will show you how to post a reel on your Facebook business page and how to make a reel on Facebook.

    Posting reels on Facebook is nothing a big deal but it can be if you are new to Facebook. Reels are a hot topic nowadays and every social media site is using them as the primary source of advertising.

    People are more engaged on reels than a proper informational video, they want a short and time-saving source of knowledge as well as entertainment because of their busy lifestyle.

    So Reels have come as an important feature with all these facilities and become viral.

    Facebook Reels now provides more Reels remix options in addition to cross-posting and additional Reel remix options thanks to Meta.
    So, if you’re remixing, you may either use the side-by-side option or put your video after the original Reel.

    You just have to follow our steps and this will help you to solve your query about how to post a reel on Facebook.

    How to Post a reel on Facebook

    To ensure that more people see your Reels, Meta is now making it simpler for users and artists to cross-post content between its platforms.

    Various upgrades are coming to Instagram Reels to help them get better. Instagram Reels are an important factor in Meta’s efforts to compete with TikTok.

    Follow the below guide if you want to know how to post a reel on your Facebook business page-

    ● Open your Facebook App. 

    ● Then go to the two horizontal lines displayed at the right bottom of the screen.

    ● Then go to the Reels section. 

    ● Make your reel if you want to make either you can use any reel that you have earlier and put it as your Reel. 

    ● Now before uploading your reel tap on the…….. 

    ● Then select the option of whether you want to share all reels or only your current reel.

    ● Then click on the share at the top right corner of the screen. 

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    How to automatically share all reels to Facebook?

    Now as we know Mark Zuckerberg has now brought Instagram and he is the founder of Facebook too. So he connected Facebook to Instagram and has made a chain connection to Instagram.

    Now Instagram and Facebook are interconnected with each other. We can also share our reels and post on Facebook from Instagram. Whenever we made a reel on Instagram then they notify us to post this Reel on Facebook too.

    If you click on that, it will also automatically post this to your Facebook account. This includes your same caption and all the setting that you do while posting it on Instagram.

    You must first link your accounts using the Account Centre to start uploading Reels from Instagram to Facebook.

    But the only thing to access this feature is to connect your Facebook account to your Instagram account.

    Once your Facebook and Instagram accounts are linked, you can share a Reel simultaneously on both sites.

    Just follow all the below steps to automatically post a reel on the Facebook business page –

    • To begin, go to Instagram and Navigate to your profile by touching on the profile photo.
      On the upper right of the screen, select the burger menu.
    • Now Select Settings.
    Scroll down and select Account Center.
    • Scroll down and select Account Center.
    • Follow the steps to add the account from which you want to share and the account to which you want to share here.
    • Then look for the option to automatically share and Turn it on.

    Wrapping up

    We hope you enjoyed our article about how to post a reel on a Facebook business page and how to make a reel on Facebook.

    Posting your reel on Facebook like Instagram is a great way to get noticed by production companies and filmmakers.

    Whether you’re just starting or you are a seasoned professional, you can use Facebook to discover new opportunities and connect with people you love. If you’re going to post your reel online, you need to make it look great.

    With this knowledge, we know that you can better promote yourself and your work when using video-sharing platforms like Facebook.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should you post reels on Facebook?

    We have heard from a lot of people that posting your reel on Facebook is an effective networking tool.
    It allows people to see your work, and it allows them to share it with their friends and family. If you are looking to post your reel on Facebook, you can do so with a few easy steps.

    How to post a reel on a Facebook business page?

    If you want to know How to post a reel on a Facebook business page, Just follow the below steps-
    – First of all, open your Facebook app and be sure you are using the latest version of Facebook.
    – Now click on the reels section from the Facebook feeds
    – Include video in your reel.
    – To add more videos, tap the record button.

    Can you upload reels from the desktop?

    Yes, you can upload reels from a desktop using many chrome extensions like Deskgram. One of the more well-liked methods for posting your Reel footage via the desktop client is Deskgram. It smoothly interacts with Chrome, and the extension itself allows you to upload a variety of various types of content.

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