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How to view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing

    This article is about How to view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing 2022 or How to look at someone’s Instagram without them knowing.

    Instagram is a popular social media platform for sharing photos, videos, status updates, and following people you know, celebrities, and other influential people.

    On Instagram, stories are a feature that allows you to share videos, photos, and drawings with your followers. A story is a short post that also lasts up to 24 hours. Unlike a post, stories are viewable by others and disappear after a day.

    If you are wondering how to view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing, this article is for you.

    Here are the 5 ways to view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing

    There can be two perspectives of viewing this whole concept. The first one is you are one of that person’s followers and the second one is you are an outsider or stranger to that person and want to see their stories without revealing your actual identity.

    The first perspective is the safe one but the second perspective is not user-friendly at all. Now before stepping into the content, we warn you not to misuse these techniques. otherwise, the person you are trying to access can take legal action against you.

    Although there is nothing illegal in these techniques they are just simple and smart techniques that we can use without violation of any laws.

    1. Make another anonymous Instagram account

    If you want to view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing, there are a few ways you can do that. The most effective way is to create an account on Instagram on your phone that’s not connected to your main account. 

    Now from the first perspective, this is just a smart trick to view your friend’s Instagram story without knowing them.

    In this, you just have to make an account with an anonymous identity and from that account, you’ll be able to see someone’s Instagram story without knowing them. you’ll be into their account to see their post, stories, and all that.

    Now from the second perspective, this is completely wrong. In this, you enter into someone’s story by hiding your actual identity.

    There can be many tricks to viewing the Instagram story without knowing them but this is one of the smartest tricks out there. There is a problem with this technique, it may not work if the user has a private account and refuse to accept your follow request.

    so entering someone’s story anonymously is the hit-or-miss technique you depend upon on the step which is to accept follow request.

    2. Using Airplane mode

    This is a trick that you can use without changing your actual identity or making any anonymous account. This is the simple and most effective trick on this list. This whole process is from the first perspective and is entirely safe and user-friendly.

    In this trick, you have to follow some steps so let’s get into that steps:

    • First, open your Instagram mobile application
    • Then check if your mobile is connected to the internet connection (if it’s not connected then connect it).
    • After this, without tapping on the person’s story slide up to his/her story and wait for a minute
    • Then turn on your mobile’s Airplane mode and open the story you’ll see that the story already loaded up. Now you can see this without knowing the person that you viewed it.
    • This is to be noted that don’t turn off airplane mode between when you are viewing the story or you are still on Instagram.
    • Turn it off only after closing the application.

    3. By Blocking that person

    In this trick, you view the story with your actual account without knowing that you have viewed it. Nothing to do in this trick just follow our steps one at a time you’ll be able to do this trick.

    Now in this trick just view the story of that person you want to see. Then immediately after seeing it block that person for more than 24 hours (Because stories can be viewed for up to 24 hours) he or she will not able to see your view of his or their story. After 24 hours you can unblock that person.

    There is only one risk with this if you took too much time to block that person after viewing his/her story then there can be chances that he or she comes to know about your view on their story.

    4. Using Online Instagram Stories Viewer

    view someone's Instagram story without them knowing

    We recommend you use an online story viewer, which will be safe, and do not let the person
    know about this activity. There are tons of online Instagram story viewers on google, you can
    use any of them but make sure that it should be a safe and secure website.

    We recommend the website, but if you are not okay with it, you can use another website.
    Just go to YouTube and search for the highly used Instagram story viewer websites then go to
    google and check it out.

    There is only one problem with this it can only work when the account is public, if it is private then it might not work.
    This is one step ahead of viewing the story without them knowing but also provides you the instant downloading option for that story. So this was our fourth trick now let’s get into our fifth and last trick.

    5. Install Chrome Extension on the Desktop

    The last method that you can use to view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing is by using a chrome extension.

    The Google Chrome web store also provides several helpful extensions to browse Instagram stories covertly if you are using Instagram on a computer.

    Follow these steps to install the Anonymous View Extension in your chrome browser-

    • First, search for the Webstore in your browser and click on the first link.
    How to view someone's Instagram story without them knowing
    • In the Google Chrome Web Store Search for the “Anonymous View for Instagram Stories” extension
    • Click the extension button in the top toolbar to open the installed extension.
    • You need to log in to your account to see all of the stories
    • To view someone’s stories anonymously on Instagram, click the Eye icon next to their username.


    We hope you enjoyed our article on how to view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing. 

     Instagram stories are a way for people to share snippets of their lives in video form with their followers.

    Instagram stories are more personal than Instagram posts because they are shorter and usually more candid. Many people love following the stories of their favorite Instagram accounts. 

    Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts can provide useful information on a topic like this!

    How to view someone’s Instagram stories without them knowing?

    There are a few methods for viewing someone’s Instagram story without them knowing.
    The most effective method is to create an Instagram account on your phone that is separate from your main account.
    Then go to their Instagram profile and check out their story. Then you can return to your profile and read the story.

    How to stop spam accounts from viewing your story?

    If you want to stop spam accounts from viewing your story, then you can private your Instagram account. When your account is private only your followers can see your Instagram story.

    How to See Someone’s Instagram Story Secretly?

    If you want to secretly view someone’s Instagram story.
    The most effective method is to open a separate Instagram account on your phone from your main account. You can also use many third-party apps.

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