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What are Meta app manager and Installer

    Today we will show you What is Meta app manager and meta app installer in your android. And also what they do on your Android phone.

    Almost all Smartphones frequently come with several applications, including pre-installed systems and stub applications. These type of apps usually helps to simplify the user’s experience.

    These different system apps do different types of functions on your android phone. These types of apps run in the background, consuming your battery power.

    Similarly, the meta app manager keeps track of all Facebook-connected apps such as Messenger, Facebook, Facebook Lite, Instagram, Creator Studio, Facebook Gaming, and so on.

    In this blog post, we will discuss what is meta app manager and installer and explain what they usually do on your phone.

    What is Meta App Manager on an Android Phone?

    New Android users are seeing this application on their mobile phones even without installing the Facebook app on their smartphones, so we clarify with you small information that Facebook is now getting new android users for better optimization and better degradation.

    New Android Phones are now coming with preinstalled Facebook App manager in them. 

    This is in the format of a file not in the application format and doesn’t have an icon on the home screen.

    This is installed on Facebook so that people can easily manage all the files and operations that are linked to Facebook so that they can easily access them from it. 

    This has been done for a better experience and better optimization of the app. Now users do not have to worry about the upgradation of the app, this file or application will automatically update your Facebook which will provide you a great user experience

    And if you have not installed Facebook on your Phone then whenever you’ll install it, these applications will automatically download with the app and will not show on the home screen. You can also disable them if you don’t find them useful or are not using Facebook. 

    What is Meta App Installer and What is it used for?

    In the above paragraph, we talked about two files that are installed with Facebook. The second one is Facebook or Meta app Installer which is in a file format.

    These two apps provide you with a great user experience because they manage all your Facebook-connected apps like Facebook, Facebook gaming, Instagram, Facebook lite, Creator studio, and other apps that you connected to your Facebook. 

    This will regularly remind you about your connected apps and help manage them at once. This overcomes the problem of managing apps that you have connected to your Facebook ID and forgot.

    This is very helpful to those who use Facebook and have connected their Facebook ID with so many apps which they don’t even know and are afraid of being hacked. 

    These apps do not have any icons, they run in the background without knowing. So if you are not finding them useful for you then you can disable them because they are using your battery in the background. 

    But apart from that, we should encourage these types of efforts by the company just for a better user experience. This is a slight change for some people but this can be a great relief for some.

    What do the Meta app manager and Installer do?

    Now we will discuss some operations perform by meta or Facebook app manager on your phone:

    Keeps meta apps updated

    Because of Meta App Manager, all meta Apps are automatically updated. The app automatically checks for, receives, and feeds updates to meta’s apps.

    It helps to prevent crashes

    Meta app manager also helps to prevent various system crashes by sending alerts to Meta. The developers then issue patches and fixes to threats to the security crashes.

    To simplify operations

    These system apps by meta also help to simplify various operations like updating and checking crashes. Thus they help in maintaining the overall user experience.

    Video Guide: What Is Facebook or Meta App Manager and How To Delete It?


    Meta app manager helps to improve your experience with all of Meta’s apps. These system applications also keep all meta apps up to date and assist in preventing app outages by preventing crashes.

    We hope you like our article about what is meta app managers and installers. And also how to disable them because these system apps run in the background, draining your battery and consuming storage space on your phone.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is meta app manager on Android?

    Meta app manager is a package that is used to install the meta applications as well as other necessary files that will let that process run in the specific system along with the processor.

    Do I need a Meta app manager?

    Meta app manager is an optional application. Some smartphone manufacturers have discontinued pre-installing the Meta app manager. so You can remove it while continuing to use Facebook or other meta-services.

    What is the Meta app installer on android?

    Meta app installer is also similar to Meta app manager, They both help to improve the user experience and the operational quality of Facebook and its other apps.

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