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What is the Finder app on Android Phone

    Today we will discuss What is Finder app on Android Phones and do I need this app on my android phone.

    Finder app is an Android app that is an application through which you can find settings or other features of a smartphone.

    On Samsung Android phones, the finder app was just recently introduced, followed by Android Marshmallow and Lollipop.

    Users can access multiple settings or apps with ease by using this app.  On Samsung smartphones, the S-finder app is packaged under the name

    The app known as S-Finder is in charge of assisting users in searching apps and settings among other things.

     In this article, we will also discuss what is finder app uses and how to disable it.

    What is the Finder app on Android Phones?

    So basically the finders app is that which you have already guessed from its name that is to find settings or other features of a smartphone easy and quickly on one tap.

    At present this feature has now only been introduced to Samsung phones and the feature is named as S-Finder on all Samsung phones. 

    There are so many apps related to this feature available on the play store or Appstore but are not that accurate. For this feature, the app must have all the permissions of your smartphone to access your data.

    But the reason behind it is very clear, It becomes very dangerous to permit an unknown third-party app to fully access your smartphone. That’s why it is not recommended to use such kinds of apps. 

    What is the Finder app used For?

    As we discussed above that, this is the app that is used for accessing the settings or other features that are deep into the settings and you don’t want to go through that entire process of finding it in the settings.

    This app easily and quickly find those settings or features of your smartphone for you in one search. 

    So the question arises, Is this app safe for use?

    Yes absolutely, It is safe if it is preinstalled on your smartphone by the company itself or an app like S-Finder which is made by a reputed company like Samsung. 

    There should be no hesitation to permit such a reputed company to access your data instead of a third-party app whose entire production team is unknown. 

    Do I need the finder app on Android?

    There is no issue in having a finder app on your mobile phone over and above it is good for multitasking. Moreover, it is a great feature for your parents or grandparents, who always face difficulty finding settings.

    I would say this can be a great time saver too for the corporate workers. As they have less time for every work and have to do it in time so they need this app if they want to save their time and energy. 

    The main motto of making this app is to save time and energy and make this energy be consumed in productivity. 

    So think if you need this app to be on your smartphone or you know how to manage it manually. It’s upon you, we are unable to do anything in this situation. It’s upon you and your daily lifestyle. 

    How to remove the finder app on Android?

    If it is downloaded from the play store or Appstore then it can be deleted easily by just uninstalling it. But If this app has come preinstalled on your device and you don’t need this app anymore then, In some cases it won’t uninstall and act as a system app. 

    In this condition, if you still want to delete this app because it is using your smartphone’s battery and Ram then just go to the settings and Disable or Force stop this app so that it cannot run in the background to use your battery. 

    If you are finding difficulty finding that setting, just follow our steps one by one and it will help you in disabling the finder app. 

    • First of all, Navigate to the Settings menu on your Android device.
    How to remove the finder app on Android? 
    • Now go to apps and notifications.
    • Now tap on the three dots in the upper right corner and Tick on Show system apps.
    • Here scroll down until you find the Finder app. You can also use your device’s search function to find the app.
    • Once you’ve located the app, Simple tap it and then click on disable to disable this app.

    Video Guide: What is the Finder app on a Samsung phone?

    Last Words

    We hope you like our today article about What is Finder app on Android Phones is and what is finder app used for.

    We also explain how to disable this app if necessary.

    This app, which functions as a “finder,” is straightforward. You can use it to locate settings and files saved on your phone. It assists users in finding and navigating apps, settings, images, media, and documents without having to navigate to the actual location.

    If you have aunty other queries related to the finder app, just comment on this post and we will answer you as soon as possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the S-finder app on my Android?

    It’s a Samsung-branded version of the Finder app. It was just released and is only available on a few devices. S finder is a shortened form for Samsung Finder.

    How to the finder app on my Android?

    It’s simple to use an S-finder app. Scroll to the bottom of the navigation panel and click the search icon. Enter the text or name of the setting or feature which you want to search on your phone.

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