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WhatsApp New feature Update: Quickly update your WhatsApp, the new feature created a ruckus, knowing the users said – this is cool man

    WhatsApp has launched a new feature, which is being liked by the people, especially those people who are doing office work from home. Now you will be able to join group video calls (Whatsapp Group Video Calls) as well. Let’s know about it…

    New Delhi. WhatsApp group video calls have been used frequently in the last one and a half years due to the ongoing pandemic. The company has released several updates related to video calls in the last one year, including support for up to eight people in group calls. Now WhatsApp has released a new update. Users will now be able to join the ongoing calls on the group. That is, users who used to miss a group call or audio call, they will be able to join the group later.

    WhatsApp made it easy

    Whatsapp first introduced joinable calls in July 2021. However earlier we needed to go directly inside the call menu to view the ongoing calls. With this new update, users will be able to join group video calls directly with the “Join” button.

    Group icon will appear in the chat window

    We’ll be able to see the group icon in the chat window to point to the group’s ongoing video call. WhatsApp also says that calls will now get a slightly different ringtone for group calls, which will help users to recognize WhatsApp group calls.

    WhatsApp introduced these features to protect users

    The app has been adding new security features since last week to attract new users and maintain privacy for its active users. With the introduction of end-to-end encryption for archived backups on Google Drive and iCloud for Android and iOS users, WhatsApp has beefed up its security for its users. WhatsApp has also reported updating its “Disappearing Messages” feature which will give users more time and the option to choose between 24 hours, seven days or 90 days, after which the messages will disappear at the request of the user.

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